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Efficient Automotive Services & Repairs

Get back on the road fast with automotive services, repairs, and maintenance provided by the professionals at JMJ Automotive & Express Lube in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. With more than 24 years of experience, we have the expertise to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and safely.

Automotive Repairs & Services

We are a fully equipped automotive repair shop, home of the lifetime brake pads, stop in and let us check your brakes free of charge.
Brake Pads (Per Axle) $134.99 (For most make and model vehicles)
Most of our parts are lifetime warranty.
Labor Rate: $80.00 per Hour
Vehicles Diagnostic: $39.99
Check Engine Light Diagnostic: $59.99
Transmission Flush: $109.99
4X4 Service: $54.99 - $79.99 (Per box)

We Also Maintain, Repair, & Replace:

Garage Bay - Automotive Repairs

• Tune Ups
• Brake Lines
• Transmission Lines
• Fuel Pumps
• Water Pumps
• Thermostats
• Alternators
• Coolant Pressure Test
• Serpentine Belts
• Starters
• Engine and Transmission Replacements

• Power Steering Pumps
• Fuel Filters
• Batteries
• Engine/Transmission Mounts
• Bulbs
• Air/Cabin Filters
• Exhaust
• Steering/Suspension (Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Control Arms, Axel's, Shocks, Struts, Springs, Sway Bar/ Links, Wheel Bearings, Bushings, Etc.)

State Inspection & Emission Test Fees (Appointment Required)

Safety Inspection: $35.00 (Pass or Fail)
Emissions Test: $35.00 (Pass or Fail)
5000 Miles or under Exemption: $25.00
(30 days for one free re-test on emissions)


10 Minute Oil Change

forgo waiting hours to have your vehicles oil change. JMJ Automotive and Express Lube offers a 10 minute oil change that includes up to 5 quarts of oil, check and top off of all fluids, check tire pressure and a complementary vacuum.
• Conventicle Oil Change: $36.99
• High Mileage: $52.99
• Dexos: $59.99 (required for all
  GM vehicles 2011 and newer)
• Amsoil Synthetic: $74.99
Car Maintenance Garage Bay - Automotive Repairs
Contact us in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, to get your car back running efficiently and safely.